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Global Middle East

Webinar of the book launch (on 12 March 2021) of Global Middle East: Into the 21st Century (edited by Asef Bayat and Linda Herrera, University of California Press, 2021). Presentations by Ahmed Kanna, Ahmad Shokr, Asef Bayat, Amro Ali, Fatemeh Keshavarz, Hamid Dabashi, John Tofik Karam, Khaled Fahmy, Laleh Khalili, Linda Herrera, Michael Frishkopf, Sami Zubaida, Ted Swedenburg, and Waleed Hazbun.

My presentation on the “Gamal Abdel Nasser” chapter is from 31:52​ to 37:53​.

Asef Bayat: The Book’s Table of Contents with time of presentation: 1. INTRODUCTION “Global Middle East, ” Asef Bayat (0:00​-7:31​) Linda Herrera (7:32​-13:50​) Nations without Borders   2. “God,” Ebrahim Moosa 3. “Algebra, Alchemy, Astronomy,” Robert Morrison 4. “Rumi, the Bridge Builder,” Fatemeh Keshavarz. (14:35​-19:06​) 5. “On Nations without Borders,” Hamid Dabashi (19:28​-24:45​)   Home and the World   6. “Reflections on Exile,” Edward Said [reprint] 7. “Mo Salah, a Moral Somebody,?” Amro Ali (25:05​-31:35​) 8. “Gamal Abdel Nasser,” Khaled Fahmy (31:52​-37:53​) 4. Food, Film, Fashion, Music   9. “Circuits of Food and Cuisine,” Sami Zubaida (38:36​-45:50​) 10. “Pictures in Motion,” Kamran Rastegar 11. “Musical Journeys,” Michael Frishkopf (46:08​-49:40​) 12. “The Kufiya” Ted Swedenburg (49:56​-53:45​)   5. Geopolitics of Goods   13. “Water of Vulnerability” Jeannie Sowers 14. “Cycle of Oil and Arms” Timothy Mitchell 15. “Cotton, Made in Egypt” Ahmed Shokr (53:54​-57:55​) 16. “Ports of the Persian Gulf” Laleh Khalili (58:16​-1:02​) Human Flows 17. “Touring Exotic Lands,” Waleed Hazbun (1:02​-1:06​) 18. “Outsiders of the Oil States,” Ahmed Kanna (1:06​-1:10​) 19. “The Levant in Latin America”, John Tofik Karam (1:10​-1:15​)  Politics and Movements   20. “Global Tahrir,” Asef Bayat 21. “Islamizing Radicalism,” Olivier Roy 22. “Global Movement for Palestine,” Ilana Feldman 23. “Human Rights, Indigenous and Imperial,” Lori Allen 24. “Cosmopolitan Middle East? An interview with Seyla Benhabib,” Linda Herrera

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