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Khaled Fahmy ‎‎is the His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Professor of Modern Arabic Studies at the University of Cambridge. His research interests include the social and cultural history of the modern Middle East, with an emphasis on the history of law, medicine, the army and the police in nineteenth-century Egypt. In addition to his academic publications, he also writes for the press in both Arabic and English.


  1. Hany atteya
    Hany atteya 14/03/2017

    الف مبروك ايوه كده الله ينور عليك

    • Khaled Fahmy
      Khaled Fahmy 14/03/2017

      وعليك يا أستاذ هاني

  2. Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sabri
    Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sabri 09/09/2023

    I think if we have an Egyptian who talk bad about his army and regime he does not deserve to be Egyptian. He talk from a country which protect all terrorists and killers ran away from Egypt because they look for easy money given to them by a country looking for destroying Egypt, this country is England which give certain academic postions to some Egyptians and give him time money to make a big conferences with the help of a great terrorist and grandson of Albanna who ceriated Moslem brother terrorist groups only to attack the Egyptian army specially during the great war.
    They are twisting facts away from reality that the Egyptian army were 1.200.000 soldiers and they were the main reason that the allies won the war as said by general Allemby who said, The Egyptian army is the main reason that the allies won the great war in the middle east.
    Our losses during this war is as great as many European country which reach more than 600,000 soldiers should be given a great respect by the world.
    This man and his freinds of moslem brothers terrorists said only lies about the contripution and the importance of Egyotian army during the geat war.
    I think and according to this conference made by them, the university should give a chance to me as specialist in history of the great war in Egypt and proffessor of military history in Naser Military Academy for 14 years now.
    My name is Ashraf Sabri and my name is mentioned by the what called Doctor in history, who only give lies to the world,
    I am waiting for invitation with all reservation booked for me as a proffessor of History in the greatest academy to answer and give proofe which answer the lies of a man work for England named Khaled Fahmy who does not deserve to Egyptian.
    Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sabri

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