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Tag: Edward Stourton

Middle East: Too Soon for Democracy?

An interview with Edward Stourton of the BBC 18 months after the outbreak of the Revolution (my interventions are at 1:46, 3:36, 5:58 and 25:43). Another link is here. Edward Stourton explores the prospects for post-revolution government, following the Arab Spring. Elections are being held, but can voters be sure autocratic rule is in the past? Contributors, in order of appearance: Aref Ali Nayed, Islamic theologian and Libyan ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. Khaled Fahmy, professor of history at the American University in Cairo. Marina Ottaway, senior associate of the Middle East programme at the Carnegie Endowment for International…

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Growing up by the Nile

An interview with Edward Stourton on the BBC Radio 4 on what it meant to grow up by the Nile in Cairo. This is the second of three parts by Stourton on Egypt. The first bit (on Aswan) and the third (on the Delta) parts are every bit as interesting.

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The March 2011 constitutional referendum

A radio interview with BBC Radio 4’s Edward Stourton on the eve of the March 2011 constitutional referendum, recorded on March 20, 2011. Edward Stourton presents a special edition of the programme from Cairo as Egyptians go to the polls for the first time in decades. He looks at the rise in sectarian tensions that have marked the post revolution era by visiting the Coptic community that lost nine of its members in recent fighting with local Muslims. He travels to the monastry carved into the bare rock hillside to meet the local priest. Women played a significant role in the revolution…

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