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Tag: 2012 Constitution

How the Muslim Brotherhood fell from power

An interview with Muslim  of the PBS flagship Frontline program conducted on July 18, 2013, and published on September 17, 2013, to coincide with the broadcast of the documentary “Egypt in Crisis”. Khaled Fahmy is professor and chair of the American University in Cairo’s Department of History. A liberal supporter of the revolution, Fahmy worried about human-rights abuses under President Mohammed Morsi, and now a return to the military state under Gen. Sisi. This is the edited transcript of an interview conducted on July 18, 2013 in New York. Help me understand the context of the Muslim Brotherhood and how they…

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What will history books say about Egypt’s new constitution?

An interview with NPR’s Scott Simon, December 22, 2012. Here is the transcript: SCOTT SIMON, HOST: This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News, I’m Scott Simon. Egyptians returned to the polls today for the second time to vote on a draft constitution for their country. Results for the vote are not expected until Sunday. The proposed constitution has deeply divided a country that just two years ago rose up to overthrow its regime. President Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood have laid out a constitution that by all early indications is likely to pass. But many of the same activists…

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The army and the constitution

Published in Ahram Online on December 22, 2012 Egypt’s draft constitution fails to achieve a key prerequisite of a democratic future for the country: civilian supervision of the army “This constitution is a model of world constitutions. In fact, humanity has yet to reach the rights and freedoms enshrined in this constitution.” This is how Hussein Hamed Hassan, a member of the Constituent Assembly, described the draft constitution which is being put to referendum now. I don’t know which planet Hassan lives on, and I will not compare his constitution with others from around this world. I will only focus…

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The president’s people and clan

Published in Ahram Online on December 16, 2012 Although the Muslim Brotherhood’s participation in Egypt’s post-revolution democratic transition was essential, the group has since shown it will do anything to hold onto power On 9 February 2011, two days before Mubarak’s ouster, CNN asked me to write an op-ed on its website about the revolution. I did not hesitate, since it was a golden opportunity to send a clear message to US public opinion. I could have written about many things, but I chose to focus on the importance of allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in the political process.…

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Eight reasons why the legitimacy of Saturday’s constitutional referendum is already compromised

Posted on Facebook on December 13, 2013 Eight reasons why the legitimacy of Saturday’s constitutional referendum is already compromised: 1. The referendum is being conducted in extremely divisive atmosphere. Only last week 9 people were killed when two rival groups clashed in front of the presidential palace. Recriminations and counter recriminations are being fired at each other every day. What inflames matters further is that this was not simply a fight between two opposing groups each with its own political leaning and/or ideology. Rather, this was a clash between peacefully demonstrating opponents of President Morsy who were camping in front…

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Egypt’s Opposition Rejects Referendum

An interview with Maggie Flick of Al-Monitor on the eve of the 2012 Constitutional referendum Egypt’s Opposition Rejects Referendum CAIRO — Egypt’s opposition coalition reaffirmed its rejection of the Dec. 15 referendum on a disputed constitution draft and rallied their supporters for protests in Tahrir Square and in cities across the country on Tuesday, saying in a statement Sunday night that dialogue with President Mohammed Morsi was impossible given the president’s decision to hold firm on the referendum date. Summary⎙ Print The National Salvation Front rejected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s call for dialogue unless he cancels the constitutional referendum scheduled for Dec.…

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Morsi’s constitutional declaration threatens the stability of the country

Published in Ahram Online on December 4, 2012 The constitutional declaration and the president’s manner of dealing with the crisis reflects the deep rift between Islamists and the opposition I must admit that events over the past ten days have dissipated much of my optimism since the revolution. My optimism primarily stemmed from my conviction that Mubarak’s formula (either oppression or ruin) is a wretched one that is unbecoming of us. As a people and a country, we can handle the challenges of the revolution and the institutions we built in our modern times – the police, army, judiciary, press,…

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The constitution: Language and identity of science

Published in Ahram Online on November 21, 2012 Cultural and civilisational diversity of the Egyptian society inspired mega project like arabising medicine in the 19th century. But, unfortunately it did not motivate the members of the Constituent Assembly. A few days ago I met with some friends to read the draft constitution that the Constituent Assembly is about to finalise, the first copy of which was published in the press a few days ago. As soon as we started to closely read the text, we were shocked by the poor language, lack of vision, contradictory ideas and flawed logic in…

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