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Tag: Tahrir

Tahrir and Gala’

N.B. This article was written in May 2011. An Arabic translation was published in Majlallat al-Dirasat al-Falastiniyya, v. 86, Spring 2011. On January 25, I had my first encounter with tear gas. Answering many calls on Facebook and other social network media, I went to Tahrir Square to join my sister and her son who had already been there for a few hours. As soon as I entered the square I realized that something big was happening—the last time I saw such a large crowd in Tahrir was in 2003 during the demonstrations against the US invasion of Iraq. The…

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A history of modern Cairo

Lecture delivered in Arabic (with English subtitles) on the history of modern Cairo, delivered at the “Learning from Cairo: Global Perspectives and Future Visions” conference organized by CLUSTER, and chaired by Mohamed Elshahed, American University in Cairo, Tahrir Campus, April 12, 2013

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