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Month: November 2011

The Israelization of Egyptian foreign policy

An Op-ed piece published in the New York Times on November 21, 2012 Ever since the coming to power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Israeli officials have been pointing out the increased radicalization of the region. The harsh anti-Israeli language that Egyptian president, Mohamed Morsi, has been making in the wake of the recent crisis is seen in Israel as a clear sign that the post-Arab Spring Middle East is presenting them with a new set of challenges. This conflict will continue to grow more toxic until Morsi decides to focus less on security and more on justice. Rhetoric…

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On the prospects of an Islamist electoral victory

Published in on November 20, 2011 Khaled Fahmy Fahmy is an associate professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies and history at the American University of Cairo. He is the author most recently of Mehmed Ali: From Ottoman Governor to Ruler of Egypt. [These] elections are important for a number of reasons: It is the first free elections in modern memory since 1952. For the overwhelming majority of Egyptians, this is the first time they will go and vote in a free election. This is the election for a parliament that will form a constitutional assembly that will then write…

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Chronicling Egypt’s ‘Ordinary’ History

An article by Mohammed Shoair published in al-Akhbar on November 7, 2011. After twenty years of teaching around the world, historian Khaled Fahmy decided to disregard advice from friends and colleagues and return to Cairo to watch as history itself unfolds in the lives and acts of ordinary people. At a time when a succession of power was anticipated, accompanied by an intensification of state repression, many advised historian Khaled Fahmy to re-evaluate his decision to return to Egypt. Nevertheless, the esteemed scholar had an alternative view. “There is something different happening in Egypt right now,” he says. “I felt…

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