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Tag: Essam Atta

Q & A with the Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Published on the website of the Harvard Center for Middle Eastern Studies on February 5, 2016 Khaled Fahmy is the 2015–2016 Shawwaf Visiting Professor in Modern Middle Eastern History at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies. His research interests lie in the social and cultural history of modern Egypt. He has been conducting research in the Egyptian National Archives for the past twenty years on such diverse topics as the history of law, medicine, and public hygiene. Since the outbreak of the January 25 Revolution, he also has been a regular contributor to Egyptian and international media. What courses did…

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Five scenes from Egypt’s revolution

Published in Ahram Online on April 10, 2013 Art and poetry, more than politics, express the true spirit of the Egyptian revolution, which cannot be concealed or silenced Scene I: Tuesday, 25 January 2011 at 7pm. Place: Tahrir Square. I had gone to Tahrir nearly two hours earlier to check on my sister. She had beaten me there and had succeeded in foiling an attempt by security forces to arrest her 15-year-old son. After I had made sure that she’d go home, and after I’d lied to her telling her that I, too, would go home, I joined a crowd…

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